Toby_Bennett_April_2013_square-01. Photo: Hugo Lane
Toby Bennett is a professional dancer and dance teacher specialising in English step dancing particularly the rich traditions of English Step Clog.

Toby dances with energy, attack and speed combined with lightness and fluidity, and enjoys working closely with musicians, such as fiddler players Carolyn Francis and Scott Hartley, to explore musicality and spontaneity in performance.


Toby is also a member of the new band Stepling exploring English traditions of music, step dance and percussion with fiddle player Deb Chalmers, percussionist Jo May and guitarist Adrian Lever.

Find us at Stepling.org.uk and Facebook.com/SteplingFolk.

Francis | Bennett | Hartley

In a new collaboration Toby is working with Carolyn Francis and Scott Hartley, see more information on the Francis | Bennett | Hartley page