Mrs Marhoff’s Single Hornipipe

A video by Gavin Repton of Stepling’s version of this dance.

Stepling at Upton Folk Festival 2018

A short compilation from a performance at Upton Folk Festival

Dancing England 2017

Lakeland Hornpipes with Scott Hartley on fiddle

Francis | Bennett | Hartley

Fiddles, pipes, stepping and some song with Carolyn Francis and Scott Hartley

Sam Sherry’s Jig

With Carolyn Francis and Scott Hartley on fiddles

Wonky Cat – Stepling

The first tune, by Deb Chalmers is Meg’s Welcome to Kingston followed with two trad tunes, Our Cat has Kitted and Trip to Cartmel.

Mrs Marhoff’s Single Hornpipe

With Stepling, Jan 2016

Chippenham Folk Festival 2015

North East style competition hornpipes with Scott Hartley on fiddle

Whitby Folk Week 2015

Sam Sherry’s jig steps with Nick Goode on fiddle

Butchers of Bristol

With Stepling